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  1. kura

    kura New Member

    1. 天下御免 : Produced by FlashPiston
    2. 忍者 : Produced by FlashPiston
    3. SANCTUARY : Produced by OMA47
    4. 兵隊一番 (feat. ZEUS, CLUTCH) : Produced by LostFace (BCDMG)
    5. Skit by 八ツ墓 : Produced by DJ KAJI
    6. 酔って候 : Produced by 774
    7. 白煙 (feat. YAS, HKR) : Produced by 774
    8. Walk This Way : Produced by DJ KAJI
    9. ダメな奴 : Produced by 774
    10. 昔愛した女 : Produced by Seiji Green
    11. Boom Bye Bye (feat. J-REXXX) : Produced by DJ KAJI
    12. 悲しみの後 : Produced by 774
    13. みなみ : Produced by DJ KAJI


    GROMONKEY New Member

    would be appreciated and dope indeed
  3. lajauge

    lajauge Moderator Staff Member

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