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  1. wiggyjay

    wiggyjay New Member

    ok then i tried to make this thread on the last version of ongaku eternal, it didn't really work but well i try it once again....

    this is simple just give a 1-10 rating on what the person above you is listening with the youtube url or anything else~~

    im listening to the classic "amazing" from grand puba :) gimme ur rate
  2. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    I give a rating of 7

    Now listening to "Blak Twang - Heads & Tails"
  3. wiggyjay

    wiggyjay New Member

    10/10 of course :p

    the last the Q

  4. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Looks like it's just me and you on this one Wiggy haha :p

    I give that a 6.5....overall a cool track...nice & chill...beat is dope & i dig the Quiett but didn't feel Hash Swan's voice tbh...

    Anyway's here's my classic pick of the day.....

  5. NatsuT

    NatsuT Member

  6. Twizted_Bone

    Twizted_Bone New Member

    Nice cut, NatsuT!. Really feeling the mellow beat and those dudes knew how to shoot the gift.
    As if I didn't have enough reasons to learn polish. 8/10

    Here is a cuts from German rapper AzudemSK that I've been digging lately.

  7. wiggyjay

    wiggyjay New Member

    wwwooow the beat is kooool and flow too !! 8/10 just coz i don't really like the second beat...too monotone than the first one
    well i listen to some rnb hmm hmm lol

  8. Twizted_Bone

    Twizted_Bone New Member

    lol to keep it 100, I honest cutoff the video once the first track is done so I sometimes forget about the song switch
    also, you picked a great track because I fuck with this song heavy. 10/10 for dvsn

    since there wasn't a genre specified, and the op changed course on us (lol), I'll continue that trend with the next joint:
  9. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    7/10 for me.....
    This is relaxing no doubt....guess i gotta be in the mood for something like this...but still quite delicious...

  10. Twizted_Bone

    Twizted_Bone New Member

    I like the Procussions but I don't listen to them often. This track is encouraging me to spin a few of their releases back to back. 8/10
    Classic Time: Nore ft. Nas - Body In The Trunk
  11. tridentino

    tridentino Member

    Nice flow 7/10.

  12. wiggyjay

    wiggyjay New Member

    hmm don't really like the beat soo 5/10

    well i was listening giant pink from UPR3 luv her flow and voice!!!

    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
  13. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    6/10 The chorus got annoying for me...but her flow/voice is decent though...

  14. YANAGI

    YANAGI Active Member

    This song of course 10 points because it changed the Chinese rap

    宋岳庭Shawn M80 - Life's a Struggle

    recently,during a music award show in Taiwan,
    someone won the 'best lyric writer' award,he is an unknown rapper,
    his name is Shawn
    who sadly passed away in 2002 at the age of 23,
    his mother,with all the tears in her eyes, went up on stage to receive the award for him

    Shawn rapped 1300 Chinese words,keep in mind that Chinese is not like English , Chinese language doesn't have any melodies itself,it is hard to make the Chinese words fit into Western melodies and rap it so nicely
    but Shawn fnished rapping it all at once
    [because it is not pro production machine,you can't cut and put everything together,you have to finish all at once,if you made a mistake you have to start all over again]

    'Life's a Struggle' is about the life of Shawn

    a brief introduction of him:
    he is from Taiwan,and his parents sent him to USA for study,living in his relative's house but his relatives dislikes him,bounced around,he was tricked by his friend so somehow he joined a gang,his 'brothers' created trouble but he took all the **** and went to jail for 3 months,his parents never really cared of him,he hanged out with black people so he started to like hip hop,
    he bought a cheap production machine stuff to start writing and recording songs,he developed bone cancer,his mother came to the USA to take care him,he went to hospital,he finished the song 'Life's a Struggle',
    one day he wanted to leave hospital and go home
    he was laying on the sofa like he always did , in the arms of his mother,
    he closed his eyes and left the world,at the age of 23.

    'Life's a Struggle'

    translation of the lyrics:

    When I opened my eyes,stepping into this world
    Mother gave me life,now I just live and die on my own,
    This makes me fear,in my eyes everyone wears a mask
    I think about the past,is my life going to continue like this?
    I smoke and my lungs are all black
    just like the whole society is covered by people's heart
    It is also black,even I am carrying the cross of destiny,I still wish for Power,Paper and Respect
    I think this is the human nature
    Buddists say, ails are grapes,I'll stop talking about it for a while
    I hope to return to the body of my mother
    Mother I am sorry,I always make you angry
    You said you regret that you did not abort me
    whenever I return home from school,putting down the heavy bagpack,
    no one is at home,only the smell of your perfume is there,
    from that I know,you are working overtime that night
    I open the frige,eating the cold food as dinner
    Father came back home at 2am all drunk
    I woke up from sleep,hearing that you two are arguing
    I can not focus on the test on the second day,
    teachers don't like me,I don't like teachers either
    I hate uniforms,I hate the school system
    I hate the face of the teacher
    I hate to be bonded,thats true
    many people dislike my attitude,they say I am too cool,
    cops don't like me so they arrested me
    I don't give a **** about what do people say
    they can say whatever they what,but what are they?
    nobody has the right to judge me by his own standard
    I control myself, let people think whatever they want
    I am myself, gold digging women only let the rich men touch
    people who don't know how to use condoms should not complain that they have many children
    although the power of money is strong but you can't bring it with you when you are dead
    people who hold their fists so tight,when will they let go?

    Life's a struggle,you still have to face the days
    after tasting happiness anger sadness and joy, there are again endless troubles
    in many nights,pain and ails make you can't sleep

    The sage atmosphere of the court makes me suffocate
    I was facing life sentence and I started to self-search
    behing the bars it is a different scene
    in the eyes of the prisoners I can't see any peacefulness
    with only an one inch pencil, writing about the story of whirlwind in prison
    in the daily it is not about the beautiful scenery outside the prison
    freedom is an ache in their eyes
    putting a self-made weapon beside the pillow in case if someone attacks
    some people suspects his wife cheated on him
    some people collecting the letters that his family sent him
    some people sleeping almost 24 hours a day
    some people have mental illness because they can't take the hard-hit
    the long wait of 3 months is gone
    after I left the jail I still have to face 3 years of reprieve
    thats good, the first time feeling blessed in my life
    but I don't know
    I don't know whats more to come
    reading the newspaper it is again about murder and fire
    remember that some year I accidentally found a photo
    a photo of an ugly scene of auntie doing blowjob to a man
    this destroys the image of her in my heart
    I can not forget how bitchy her smile is
    I fight,there is fear and agitation in my heart
    I keep hearing the painful sound roaring my heart

    Life's a struggle,you still have to face the days
    after tasting happiness anger sadness and joy, there are again endless troubles
    in many nights,pain and ails make you can't sleep

    No matter if I run to the south sky, no matter if I run to the north ground
    no matter where I go, I can see the truthless of people's heart
    It's kind of funny that in people's eyes there is only money
    he acts like wants to help you ,but he only wants to help himself
    behind the smile nobody knows there is the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog
    When she said she love you she is telling the truth
    but the thing she loves is the money behind you
    Have you ever questioned who are your friends and enemies beside you?
    throwing stones at you when you are down in a well,that might be your 'best friend'
    Have you ever tasted when you need help the most
    people who usually call you 'brother' just disappears
    Dear God, the Great God,you can blame me that I think this way,but I am only human
    I don't believe in other people,because people don't believe me,don't ask me why
    I can only tell you that this is me
    Life is like spoondrifts there are highs and lows
    Do you tell yourself to stay tough and go through all the different period?
    from the perron of destiny I can not see a bright sky
    the dark sky over my head makes me can't relax
    In my heart,I can not find a quiet corner
    I can not be asleep anymore,it is like my conscience is calling me
    it says : there are couple of days and nights that your mother washed her face with tears because of you
    Father only cares about his own point of view,the fire of hope is distinguished
    I pick up the phone and there is the tired voice of my father
    even though we have not seen each other but I can imagine the patina of him
    upon hearing that he just lost his job
    the words of my grandma appears in my mind,telling me that I must work hard
    I have gave up all the reasons of crying
    because I am used to living in the cruel reality
    how do I start to keep my head up,how do I start to change?
    when living in mud,when will I be able to wash hands with a golden sink? [wash hands in golden sink means to stop doing bad things,thats what Chinese gangsters do when they want to retire from it]

    Life's a struggle,you still have to face the days
    after tasting happiness anger sadness and joy, there are again endless troubles
    in many nights,pain and ails make you can't sleep


    R.I.P宋岳庭Shawn M80
  15. wiggyjay

    wiggyjay New Member

    ok it's a sad story and i read the whole lyrics and it's touching and all but i don't really like the beat so, i give a 6/10

    and i continue with chinese rap too then

  16. Niiiice. Whenever i listen to chinese rap i really prefer it over japanese rap for some reason xD
    Definitely a 10/10. Dope flow, great beat, sweet chorus. Cool stuff.

    Umm... well here's my current guilty pleasure. Been watching "Rap Critic's" stuff on youtube and stumbled across this guy. I like this song way more than i should xD

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2016
  17. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Unfortunately i cant view that vid because "the uploader has not made this video available in your country"....so yeah, that sucks lol

    But anyway's......here's some good shit to start the day off with & keep the ball rolling...
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2016
  18. wiggyjay

    wiggyjay New Member

    ooh oohh heavyyy 10/10

    well i put somth i heard some time ago from korea, not bad
  19. NatsuT

    NatsuT Member

    good shit 8/10 ;)

    If We are Korea.... , something excited...

  20. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    I don't mind The Quiett beats....so i'm giving this about a 7/10, Fana flows ok too...not bad...

    Anyhow, here's my track of the day....
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2016

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